Our baby sister was due Nov 1st, but she decided not to show up. (Probably a good thing considering my mom was at a craft show all day ūüôā We’re all really excited and can’t wait to meet her, so I’ll post pictures as soon as she’s here.

I’m posting some photos of the last goat show we attended, the Blanchard Livestock show. I’ve included a picture of my favorit doe Fiona, my little brother with his cloverbud ribbon, the mini nubian class,¬†and the showmanship class.

Some of you may have got a chance to come see us at the Nov. 1st and 2nd craft show. If so, I hope you’re all enjoying your soap, lotion, etc. We’ll be at¬†another craft show this weekend,¬†November 7-8 at the First Christian Church in Moore, and we would love to see you there! We’ll be offering a¬† craft show special of buy four get one free on all our Dreamy soaps.¬† Hope to see you there, and have a great week!

p.s. If ayone would like to see more pictures of our soap, goats or family, you can check thm out at: www.dreamy-hollow.com



October 27, 2008

Sorry It’s been so long since I posted… again. We’ve been kept really busy the last few months, selling soap at craft shows, as well as buying, selling, and showing goats!

      We did really well at the last two shows and came away with both Alpine Best of Breed as well as a Reserved Best of Breed in the Nubian category and a Best in Show for our Alpine doe Fiona. I also got to help show goats at the Oklahoma State Fair! It was fun to be out there showing and I learned a lot about judging and showing dairy goats!

¬†¬†¬† We’ve also been having a lot of fun choosing bloodlines for our 2009 kids! Mostly we’ve used our awesome buck Sam on the does, but we’ve also had the chance to use some really nice Nubian bucks for what should be outstanding 2009 kids! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to keep most of them because we’ve got to keep our numbers down.¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†The newest addition to our dairy herd are the Toggenburg does, Margarita, Klassique and Dazzle. I am so excited to have them in our herd, and I hope to show them this coming year (2009). I also got the opportunity to borrow an awesome Toggenburg buck, so I’ll even have a few purebred babies next spring!

Well that’s all for now, thanks for reading!


Once again, much has happened since our last post. My excuse this time will have to be that I am finally feeling human again after suffering from walking pnuemonia for nearly two whole weeks (several of the little boys also suffered, but mine was the most severe. bleh!)

Anyhow, during the last few weeks we have had two new baby boys, mini-nubians, born to Sugar. We have decided to leave them with their mother and they are quite adorable.

We also had linear appraisals done on our goats, and they all did pretty well. I don’t know any exact numbers, but I think Andrina got the highest score and Sam scored highest for the Alpines.

In other news, we have been selling soap at the local farmer’s market and really enjoying it (not to mention selling a fair amount).

On another note, (and this has absolutely nothing to do with goats) a few of us went to see Prince Caspian yesterday and really enjoyed it. I especially liked the themes of faith and trust which were illustrated in it, though I didn’t really like the Caspian/Susan romance. The trees were pretty neat there at the end though.

Finally, we got our new memory verse for the month at church this morning. It is 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” Therefore, go out and eat things that are healthy for you body. Like Goat Milk!

That ends my ramblings for the day. For some reason pictures aren’t currently loading to the blog. I’m not really sure why that is, but will try to figure it out.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday worshiping our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Lots of News

May 15, 2008

Wow! It’s been almost a month since I last wrote! Sorry about that everybody!

What all has gone on in the last month . . .

We’ve sold four baby and two adult goats. Jupiter and Capella, North Star’s twins,¬†are together¬†in a great home in Texas. Penelope, Piper’s spotted doe kid, went to a loving family in Kansas. Spur, one of Andrina’s buck kids, has taken a position as future herd sire on a friends farm. And last but not least, two of our adult bucks, Bond and Trooper, moved to a dairy where their services were desperately needed.



 We discovered an owl nest in the hollow of our big cottonwood tree, and it has been great fun watching the babies grow and jump from the nest and such.

Due to the excess of milk we are currently experiencing, we have been making lots and lots of soap. Recently we tried taking it to a local farmer’s market and did really well! So far we have tried, I believe, five different scents including Lemongrass-Mint, Pearberry, and Ginger Pear. We also made some bath salts in lavendar scent and lemon scent. I attempted to make a handmilled rose-water but failed miserably. From now on I plan to leave the soap-making in more capable hands…

The last couple of days have found most people working on cleaning up storm damage in the goat pens. It was a lot of work, but worth it and the goat pens now look lovely.

The chicks born last month are doing well, all except for the ones which the dog ate, and are growing very large indeed.

In other news, some of the family went to a Goat Field day at Langston University last month where they gleaned quite a bit of useful information. Mommy in particular came away with all sorts of new marketing ideas and has been working on implementing them.

I guess that’s all for now, but I’ll be trying to post more in the near future. If you’ve read this, please leave a comment to let us¬†know your here!

Speech Contest

April 18, 2008

Last night, five members of the Dreamy Hollow family participated in our local 4-H speech contest.

The subjects of the speeches were (in age order):

All About Goats

Why Goats Are Better Than Cows

The Uses of Goat Milk

Myths About Goats and the Truths Behind Them

My Pet Goat

Everyone did very well and¬†we recieved three first place awards, 1 second place award, and one cloverbud participation award (Cloverbuds aren’t placed). Afterwards everybody went to Braums to celebrate.

Early Friday morning at 2:30 AM, we had two more lovely babies. Andrina, our sole Nubian sr. doe presented us with beautiful twin boys. We’re selling one of the handsome bucklings to some friends, but the other is available if anyone is interested. You have find their bloodlines here, leave a comment with your contact info if your interested (don’t worry, I won’t post it).

Some of these are tangerine scented and others are lavendar. Yummy!

Now that we have so much milk, we’re experimenting with making soap again.

In other news. We have chicks hatching out! The eggs in our incubator are finally beginning to hatch and so far we have twelve baby chicks and more hatching. Exciting stuff!


April 10, 2008

Wow! It’s been a really long time since I last updated this blog. Sorry about that! Unfortunately, our family has been suffering from the crud, and I have been working on some big projects for school. Anyhow, as to updates:

Sniper and Fauna Fey

On March 24 Fiona kidded to twins, a doe (Fauna Fey, the brown one in the above pic) and a buck (Sniper, the white and black one in the pic). They weighed nine and eleven pounds at birth! They are both beautiful and we are hoping to make room for both of them in our herd.

The buck, and the two does

Reflection kidded on April 4th. She had triplets, two does and a buck, which is two more than we expected! Her delivery was the hardest we have had yet. In the above pic, the buck, Son Dancer, is on the far left and the other two are the does, Glimmer and Sparkle.


April 4th¬†Mikaela went out to milk, and when¬†she went to get Reflection¬†she discovered her lying in her house. She was in labor so¬†Mikaela moved her to the ‚Äúbirthing pen‚ÄĚ. After several hours it was obvious something wasn‚Äôt right. Mommy ‚Äúwent in‚ÄĚ and discovered a kid was positioned head and legs back. Flec wasn‚Äôt going to be able to deliver a kid shoulder first so we had to reposition it. Mommy managed to find and pull the legs forward, but couldn‚Äôt get the kids head. Mommy and Daddy gently pulled the kid while¬†Mikaela sat with Flec trying to keep her calm.¬† Flec managed to deliver the kid, a very thin buckling, but it wasn‚Äôt breathing.¬†Mommy gave it mouth to mouth and it began to gasp! He was soon followed by two sisters, both healthy. ¬†All are doing well now. That was plenty of excitement for this year!


Finally, we have sold three of this year’s kids so far: Jupiter and Capella (North Star’s kids) went to a wonderful home in Texas and Penelope (Piper’s spotted doe kid) went to one in Kansas.


Here’s a few more pics we’ve taken recently. Enjoy! And if you read this post, leave a comment so we know you’re here!